Since Schools May Not Be Closing Due To The Swine Flu, What Else Will They Be Doing To Prevent Swine Flu Spread?

Question: Since schools may not be closing due to the swine flu, is there anything else they will be doing to prevent the spread of the disease among children?

Answer: Well, I think school, as it comes back will likely be an area where swine flu will be and will spread. I think to try and prevent the spread, certainly washing hands, very good hygiene and also that children that are ill should stay home from school and stay home from school until their fever and their symptoms have resolved. And I think that most of the schools are clearly outlining that.

The other thing that is very helpful is the CDC has wonderful directions for doctors, and parents and teachers, just everybody in terms of what they're suggesting. And I actually went online last night again and read them all again, and it's really a wonderful resource.