What Goals Should I Set For Weight Loss, And How Many Pounds A Week Should I Shoot For?

Question: What goals should I set for weight loss, and how many pounds a week should I shoot for?

Answer: When you're setting goals for weight loss, the most important thing is to be realistic. For instance, somebody might have a long-term goal of 50 pounds. That is not going to happen overnight. What is more realistic is to say, I am mapping out a plan of action, that I'm really going to aim for, perhaps, one-half to one pound a week, because that is also more realistic -- not only realistic to achieve, but realistic to maintain.

If people set too dramatic of a goal, they're going to have to make such tremendous deficits in terms of what it is they take in, or be exercising all day long. And for most people, that doesn't fit in to an already overcrowded schedule.