What Do I Need To Know About Protein (Meats) And Their Effects On My Weight And Health?

Question: What do I need to know about protein (meats) and their effects on my weight and health?

Answer: Most people realize that protein is essential for life and we all need protein. What people don't appreciate, however, is that most of us eat a lot more protein than we need. And we don't need to make real heroic efforts to get a lot of protein in our diet.

Meat is a good source of protein, but sometimes it also contains a lot of saturated fat. And the downside of that can sometimes outweigh the benefit of the protein.

There are other sources of proteins. Soybeans such as tofu and other soybean products contain just as good a quality of protein as meat. Eating a variety of vegetable foods, such as beans and rice and mixing different vegetable foods can provide enough protein.

The bottom line on protein is: If you eat a variety of foods and you get enough calories, you'll get enough protein for good health.