Oh, Baby! Rare Identical Triplets Go Home to Kick Off New Year

PHOTO: Identical triplets are going home after a month in a hospital. PlayABC
WATCH Rare Identical Triplets Head Home

A Texas couple is relaxing -- or trying to -- after finally bringing home their rare identical triplet daughters for the first time.

Stephanie and Brad Harris welcomed three daughters in December, but they were born premature and remained in the hospital until today.

Stephanie Harris of Houston, Texas, said she found out that she was expecting triplets in June. For a couple expecting their first child, the news that they were actually going to have three children at once was a little surprising.

"We just kept saying, ‘How is this possibly, it doesn't run in the family?’" Stephanie Harris remembered asking her doctors "How is it us?"

Harris said her doctors told her the chance of having identical triplets is so slight, no one is exactly sure how often it occurs.

"I've read [both] that one in 60,000 and one in one million" are the rates of identical triplet births, Harris told ABC News.

While the girls were born Dec. 1, they had been hospitalized to ensure they were healthy enough to go home. Harris said they plan to use colored ankle bracelets to tell the infants apart.

"They all are the exact same," Harris said of the triplets. "They cry the same way and make the same noises. When they say identical, they are really identical."

Despite the time they spent in the hospital, mom said, the girls are doing well at home.