Handle With Care: Baby Brody Born Without Skin


Epidermolysis Bullosa: Hope for a Normal Life

"When he came out my husband saw him and he didn't know anything was wrong," Curtis said. "But the doctor knew something wasn't right and took him to the warmer and started cleaning him up instead of putting him on my chest."

Brody was flown to a children's hospital in neighboring Kentucky, where he was diagnosed with ED and stayed for 27 days. Soon, he will go to Cincinnati Children's Hospital, which has a special EB clinic, for further tests.

"He doesn't show any pain until we do the bandage changes," Curtis said. "And he's gotten a lot better. All of his appendages are healed pretty good, except for his left leg. The skin is growing back and it scabs over and is not like an open wound anymore."

For now, the parents are guardedly optimistic.

"We hope he'll be one of the lucky ones and still be active and play sports and grow up to be a normal kid," Curtis said.

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