Confronting a Family History of Breast Cancer, a Surgeon Makes Radical Decision


Lessons Learned

Teal says her mother is as good an example as any that even the best preventive screenings do not catch everything.

"Women need to know that even if you're BRCA negative, that is not a guarantee that you don't have a breast cancer gene," she told "GMA." "It's possible it just hasn't been identified."

Teal returned to the hospital May 25 for the last leg of her breast cancer journey, the removal of her expanders and the placement of implants to complete the breast reconstruction.

"I feel great. I feel much more natural," Teal told "GMA" today. "I'm just ready for the doctor to say I can start running again."

And she's ready to get back to her patients who face breast cancer, for whom, having now been a patient, she has newfound respect.

"I thought I knew what my patients went through," Teal said. "I had no idea. I learned a lot.

"So many people have said that I'm brave," she said. "But it's all the patients who are living with cancer who are brave. They're the ones who are going to have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

"I'm the lucky one."

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