Casting Out Demons: Expelling Demons Through Mucus, Saliva at N.Y. Church


Pastor Goguen: "Most of Our Services Are Just Good, Normal Baptist Service"

Goguen's ministry claims to help everyone from drug addicts to adulterers, to those suffering from severe illness, asking them to surrender to the occult.

"Not every cancer is caused by a demon," Goguen said. "Not every sickness is caused by an evil spirit. I'm just amazed at how much is."

Diane Koehler says deliverance has changed her life. "It's a relief, you know, you're getting rid of these's just amazing what the Lord can do to get rid of these things in me. It's a relief."

The pastor explains that everyone carries demons inside them and told his congregation that demons can come through tattoos, martial arts, Ouija boards and divination, just to name a few portals.

"Most of our services are just good, normal Baptist service," Goguen said. "Until we get to the end when we tackle the believers."

When Goguen says "tackle" he means literally. In one instance, a large man named Kevin Soudmire began lashing out at the congregation, knocking over chairs and screaming, until several other men tackled him to the floor. Afterwards Soudmire, the man who was delivered, said he felt "lighter."

"It's been truly a blessing," he said. "Until you go through something like this, no one can truly get to's a battle. I believe it's a battle between the Lord and the devil."

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