'Be the Change: Save a Life' Viewers Donate


"My older cousin, who I am really close to, had premature twins in July of 2009. They were both kept in the hospital, in incubators for about two weeks. I can't imagine what our family would have done if not for those incubators. ... Thanks to the Embrace, now we can help give those babies a chance to grow and live life. I can't imagine our family without "The Twins." I just had to help give that same joy to another family. Babies of the world are the future, so it's our job to protect their future and make sure we help get these babies to a good start to life." -- Chicago, Ill.

"We shared the '20/20' report with our five grandsons, and each chose to donate to a specific fund. We are encouraging them to save their own money next year and make a similar donation." -- Ferndale, Wash.

"We watched the '20/20' show as a family, and then our parents let us pick a project to give for their Christmas present. This was an easy but meaningful way to give to something more important than a gift from the mall. I'm almost 16 and this is cool!" -- Brea, Calif.

A few of the tribute cards written for friends and family:

"Mommy, since you make our lives so special every day, we thought that we would try to help another boy or girl feel as special as we do."

"Your 98 years on this earth will bring water to five people in Ethiopia for 20 years, saving those lives for generations to come. Thank you for being my Mother."

"Even though we love you tonnes, we've decided to give your gift to someone else. You now own a GOAT, however, a family in Guatemala will be taking care of it:"

"You helped keep a baby warm! It's like shipping hugs overseas."

"As you are enjoying Christmas dinner, a family will eat for an entire month because of your gift."

Stay tuned throughout the year to SaveOne.net for more ways to get involved with global health initiatives around the world.

The "Be the Change: Save a Life" initiative is supported in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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