How Colored Potato Chips Slow Snacking


Buy fresher and riper fruit so you have to make frequent trips to the grocery store to replenish fruits and vegetables. This burns energy and ensures fresh, tasty fruit and vegetables. The French go to the grocery store several times a week unlike Americans who make one trip a week at best.

The 100-calorie snack packs may not be the best for you. People may eat 2 bags instead, which defeats the purpose.

Have a satisfying amount of food with lower density of calories in the foods you eat. In doing this, fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables and carefully manage the higher density calorie foods (i.e., meats and grains).

As the calorie density gets higher, eat smaller portions.

And for restaurant tips- especially since Americans eat out more than the French? Don't ask for rolls before a meal. "You have nothing to do at the beginning of the meal so you munch on the rolls and may even have a few if they are really good!" say Rozin. If the rolls were brought at the same time as the meal or skipped entirely, they probably would not even be eaten.

When you go to restaurants, order appetizers as your main course. The portion sizes are smaller and you will be surprised how quickly you will get full.

If you order a main course, share with a friend.

Cook more, eat carefully outside. Cooking itself takes energy and burns calories.

Eat less and savor what you eat.

"You have to change your intake -- that's the point, "emphasizes Rozin. "Small changes make big differences."

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