'The Conversation Project' Shifts to End-of-Life Care


Phillips gave input into what he wants for his mother down the road, too.

"So what I would like for you, is I would like for you in this hypothetical distant future... I have a family and I have a whole community and, hopefully, that community has lots of overlap with your community already, and that kind of thing," he said. "I would like for you to, basically, continue being a part, living with us."

"Sounds great to me," Epstein said.

After sorting a few things out, Epstein told her son that she is incredibly blessed. "I feel like you're such a wonderful person and you have a really good sense of me, and we actually have a lot of shared values, and so I actually don't worry about that at all," she said.

"Well, I've been raised with, I think, really good values that are really about taking care of people, and sort of generosity, and that kind of thing," Phillips said.

"Hopefully, you'll be that same lovely, wonderful person later on," Epstein said.

"Maybe I'll have a lobotomy," Phillips joked.

"No, you can't have a lobotomy," his mother said. "No lobotomies allowed."

"OK, I'll put that in my advanced directive," he joked. "No lobotomies."

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