Diarrhea, Debilitating Digestive Ills Relieved With DIY Fecal Transplants


Researchers Trying Fecal Transplants in Obesity, Neurological Disorders

Scientists are testing fecal transplants in other maladies. Dutch researchers reported in September on a small, early study in which obese patients underwent fecal transplants from healthy, thin donors. They told colleagues at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes meeting that the transplants improved insulin sensitivity among obese patients with metabolic syndrome, which elevates risk for heart attack, stroke and diabetes, and reduced their triglyceride levels.

Australia's Borody, a gastroenterologist who has studied fecal transplantation for more than 30 years, has begun exploring the technique's potential in treating neurological disorders, after finding that fecal transplants given to constipated patients who had Parkinson's disease seemed to lessen their neurological symptoms along with their digestive distress.

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