Many Older People Ignoring Heat Warnings


Eat Light

Avoiding foods such as meat and dairy can prevent the body from producing too much heat. Additionally, meat, fish, dairy foods and deli products can put the elderly at higher risk for foodborne illnesses if they aren't cooked or stored properly. Instead, eat lighter foods, such as fruit, and eat often enough so the body has energy to burn.

Wear Sunscreen

The elderly are more prone to sunburns because their skin is thinner and more prone to the damaging effects of sun exposure.

Caregivers Should Have Copies of Medical Records

Older people should give copies of their medical information, including prescription medications and doctors' phone numbers, to their caregivers in case of an emergency.

Jennett wants to pass on some advice of his own, especially since the National Weather Service just announced that the heat wave hitting the central U.S. is expanding.

"I can control myself, and they need self-control when it comes to doing things in the heat," he said.

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