Ghost White Baby Born Without Any Blood


Hope was the first child for Jennifer, who works for work for the Orange County Trafficking Task Force, and Josh Juarez, 30, a soccer coach, who also works in elder care.

Her pregnancy, like 98 percent of others who experience fetal-maternal hemorrhage, was completely normal.

"I absolutely felt blessed," said Jennifer Juarez. "I was completely fine while all my other friends were either sick or had issues during their pregnancies. I felt so lucky."

But at about 37 weeks, she said the baby seemed to stop moving. "Every morning I felt kicks -- she was very active and always moving," said Juarez. "So I did all the things they tell you to do--I drank cold water, lay down for a while and ate some sugar. I felt something was off, but I wasn't sure."

Jaurez had an afternoon appointment with her midwife and mentioned her concerns. Everything still seemed normal, but Juarez was sent to the hospital to be checked out.

An ultrasound showed that Hope's heart rate was starting to drop. "It was all a bit of a blur and a little chaotic," said Juarez. "It was scary."

Juarez was rushed into surgery and after doctors determined Hope was missing so much blood, she was transfused.

"She's quite a fighter," said Hope's mother. "She latched (on the breast) right away. Babies with brain damage don't."

Doctors are still watching Hope for any signs of delay in her development until she is six months old. But so far, all seems normal.

"She's doing everything a baby at her age should be doing," said Juarez. "She is smiling and lifting her head and eats really well. She has hit all her markers."

"It's so amazing she was able to survive and do so well," she said. "We are thinking God must have a special plan for her. Everyone asked us if we had named her after the situation. We didn't. But it was meant to be."

Nguyen agrees. "They say she is a miracle. Her name is very appropriate."

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