Girl Has 2nd Brain Surgery to Alleviate Painful 'Suicide Disease'


Hamilton said that during the latest surgery the surgeon found at least 10 compressions—both veins and one artery—on her cranial nerves, any one of which could be causing her intense episodes of pain.

Before KatieRose was medicated, Hamilton said that her daughter had an episode every 12 to 48 hours.

Hamilton said she is more hopeful about her daughter’s condition after the surgery, but that there is no guarantee how long the surgery will keep the headaches away.

The surgery is considered successful if it stops the pain for six to 10 years. Hamilton said she knows someone who has been without pain for 23 years and others who had pain come back after just a few months or years.

“We will wind up waiting to see for the rest of her life what’s going to happen,” said Hamilton. “What we hope is that the surgery keeps her pain-free and medication-free for a long time and in the meantime they can find a cure."

Are You Suffering From Rebound Headaches?

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