Girl With Bubonic Plague Saved by Quick-Thinking Doctor


Bubonic plague is generally transmitted to people through the bites of infected fleas but can also be transmitted by direct contact with infected animals. Doctors at Rocky Mountain Hospital found tiny bites around Sierra Jane's torso, where she had tied that sweatshirt after it had been placed next to the dead squirrel.

While Sean Downing said that his daughter is "doing fantastic and now waiting for her lipase levels to go down," he said that he is amazed at how the community he lives in came together to support his family, who was combatting this rare disease just after their home had been foreclosed upon.

"I feel there's so much [danger] about bubonic plague and the Black Death, but it has been a catalyst for amazing things in our community. A whole town came together," he said.

"We would just sit and weep after hearing these things, and people would bring food and gifts for us and Sierra Jane. I hope that the infection of love never dies."

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