Homemade Eggnog Can Kill Salmonella with Booze


Today, popular drinks that involve raw, emulsified eggs include traditional flips, sours and daiquiris. In many cities, restaurants are required to note that food contains raw egg and carries a risk of salmonella.

Food safety expert Dave Arnold said it's true that salmonella does not grow in refrigerator temperatures or in 5 percent alcohol or more, but that doesn't mean the bacteria is gone.

"The issue isn't growth, it's how long is salmonella that's already there take to die," said Arnold, the directory of culinary technology at the International Culinary Center, which has campuses in New York, California and Italy.

Although the risk of getting salmonella from a cocktail is small, the customer should be able to make his or her own decision about taking it on.

"In my bar, if I was going to serve eggnog – even if I had aged it in the fridge and even if I knew for certain it had zero chance of giving salmonella to a customer -- I would still put a label for raw eggs. Why? Because," he said. "Why would I open myself to that risk?"

Fischetti sent along his eggnog recipe, but if you'd rather avoid eggs and alcohol completely, here's a recipe for you.

Original Dr. Rebecca Lancefield recipe:

1 dozen eggs 1 quart heavy cream 1 quart light Cream 1 quart bourbon 1 pint rum nutmeg (1/3 3/4 box) sugar to taste (1/2 to 3/4 Lb)

Modifications: (This is the one Fischetti uses.) 1 quart rum 1 pint bourbon

1. Beat eggs, add bourbon and rum slowly with stirring to prevent precipitation of egg proteins. 2. Add the light cream with mixing using a large spoon. Add the sugar to taste with mixing (about ½-1 pound / batch ) then nutmeg last. 3. Beat heavy cream separately 'till peaks and add to the egg/bourbon/rum - mix into rest. 4. Leave standing at least overnight in refrigerator. Better after 3-4 weeks in the refrigerator.

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