Israeli Court Allows Family to Harvest Dead Daughter's Eggs


Family Freezes Dead Daughter's Eggs

But because of the increasing number of cases, Arthur Caplan, chairman of the department of bioethics at University of Pennsylvania, said laws and policies need to catch up with the practice.

Caplan said that laws need to be put in place that require spouses and other family members to wait a certain amount of time before using the harvested sperm or egg.

"I'm in favor of requiring waiting periods to let the emotions and grief calm down a bit," said Caplan. "And at this point, it seems very important to set up policies that will help guide us in making sound choices. That includes laws and individual hospital policies."

"[This] is a reminder of our enormous technical capacity to form families in ways that were unheard of a generation ago, and our responsibility to think carefully about the meaning and impact of the decisions we make when we take up those technologies," said Daar.

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