Sex Crimes Against Boys Often Go Unreported Because of Queasiness Among Males


Crimes Are Acts of Violence, Not Sex

"Why are we so queasy?" Anderson asked. "It's the combined impact of our whole cultural training on sexuality. Some of it is around homophobia, and also about the secret nature of sexuality -- it's behind closed doors and a private matter. There is a voyeur quality to it."

Anderson said even what we call these crimes is inaccurate. "These are acts of violence and not sex," he said.

When Anderson eventually told his brother about the incident with the camp doctor, he told him: "Everybody knew Doc liked boys."

"He had no stomach for it and I am enraged by that," said Anderson. "He is still siding with the perpetrator."

"We have to look at what we do with these little bits of information and clues [about child molesters] and if instead of feeling 'ick' and moving away," when a man acts oddly with a child, said Anderson. "The trail leads somewhere."

"It doesn't really work to suggest someone call 911 and say, 'This guy give me the creeps,'" he said. "You need something specific. What I want people to do is to let go of their revulsion that this person is potentially a child rapist. Get to know him and what he does with kids. How much time does he spend with them? Ask until you find out."

"We are all trained to look the other way," Anderson wrote in a blog on Daily Kos this week about the Paterno scandal.

Sandusky allegedly confessed to sexual improprieties to a detective in 1998 and again to one of the victim's mothers, according to reports.

The university's board of trustees fired 84-year-old Paterno and university President Graham Spanier yesterday over their handling of the sex abuse scandal and federal education authorities are investigating whether the school failed to comply with the so-called Clery Act, which requires colleges to disclose reported criminal offenses on campus.

Paterno has said he has been "absolutely devastated" by the scandal and had planned to retire at the end of the season on his own terms.

Sandusky is charged with the alleged molestation of eight boys over a 15-year period, despite numerous reports of alleged improprieties.

"Many perpetrators are conflicted about what they are doing," said Anderson. "[Sandusky] wanted to be caught and wanted help to do this."

As law enforcement experts in pedophilia report , often these ">"nice guy molesters"

are not monsters, but men who have convinced themselves they care about children.

"I don't think all perpetrators are very strictly calculating and protecting themselves," he said. "They are often conflicted. They are not really monsters as much as damaged people."

Still, experts say that the way the Penn State scandal has been handled is "light years away," than decades ago, according to Finkelhor.

"Chances are a case like this would never have come out," said Finkelhor.

"I still feel like we don't know enough and we haven't heard from Paterno," he said. "Hopefully he will say something at one point. I do think it would be useful, especially if he isn't under the threat of prosecution, for someone like him to respond and say what he learned from this -- how important it is not to take the easy road."

If you need help, more information or want to report a crime, contact RAINN's National Sexual Assault Hotline or call 800-656-HOPE (4673).

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