After Losing His Legs in a Bomb Blast, Sgt. Joey Jones Uses His Injuries to Inspire Other Wounded Soldiers

Sgt. Jones Learns How to Walk Again

"Sometimes it felt like someone was twisting my foot around to where it was trying to pop off," Jones said. "A lot of the times it would be my toes, someone was crunching my toes, or my toes were being crunched up, like put through a grinder or something."

Two weeks after arriving at Bethesda, Jones was finally able to get out of his hospital room and begin physical therapy, which was exhausting physically and mentally. His family and devoted girlfriend, Meg Garrison, 24, stayed with him, and his fellow Marines dropped by almost daily.

"As long as Joey needs me here, I'm going to be here," Garrison said. "There's nothing that can make me leave here, unless he told me to go."

"I have security issues, you know," Jones jokes. "I'm always afraid she is going to leave me for a legged guy."

While trying to keep his sense of humor, Jones also had his bad days. He would get frustrated, upset and often had nightmares.

"You know, the other day someone asked how I was feeling and I told 'em "Yeah, I'm doing good, hanging in there," he said. "And after they walked away, I thought, 'You know, I should have just said, You know, I don't know, how do you think I'm feeling? I don't have legs, I can't put my underwear on, how do you think I feel? It's not O.K., it's not gonna be O.K.'"

Six weeks later, Jones was moved to Walter Reed Medical Center, in Washington, D.C., where he was fitted for his first pair of "shorties" -- short prosthetics designed to help amputees regain upper body balance. By this point, he has undergone more than 20 surgeries, and it will still be months before he is allowed to return home to Georgia.

But not long after being fitted for his prosthetics, Jones has a major breakthrough and takes his first tentative steps.

Watch Sgt. Jones' struggle down the road to recovery and how he helped inspire other wounded soldiers HERE.

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