Maryland Teen Threatened Suicide on Reddit If School Doesn't Stop Cyber Bullying

Teen's Reddit Suicide Threat Over Cyber Bullying

Reports of teenagers being cyber-bullied and taking their angst to the internet are becoming ever more common in headlines.

Mosier said that part of the difficulty in handling situations like this comes from the ambiguity of social interaction.

"The larger issue here is of social media and the challenges that it presents are huge. Across the country kids are in school for 25 percent of their school day. If somebody threatens somebody at home on Facebook, is that a school issue directly?" Mosier asked.

Lawmakers in five states -- Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine and New York -- are trying to stiffen their cyberbullying legislation, making it, in some cases, a felony for anyone who engages in electronic harassment. Many states are already taking such measures. Indiana, for instance, has a proposed bill that would give districts more authority to address cyberbullying that takes place off of campus.

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