Mom Whose Child Died After Catching Chicken Pox Advocates for Vaccines


Schaffner said that altering the timing of vaccines may seem like a compromise but it still poses a serious health risk because a child remains susceptible to vaccine preventable illnesses for longer periods of time. He said it also puts others, including people with compromised immunity and even fully vaccinated individuals, at risk by exposing communities at large to preventable diseases. And, he said, delaying vaccinations is more costly and makes it more likely a child never completes the full schedule necessary for protection against disease.

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“Vaccines spread out are often vaccines not received,” he said.

Duffy Peterson said she is sure all parents have their children’s best interest at heart but they have to follow the science and make educated choices when it comes to vaccines.

“Not vaccinating can kill your child,” she said. “No one wants to have a child die in their arms when it could have been prevented.”

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Nearly 8 percent of parents in a 2011 national survey refused to have their children immunized for personal, religious or medical reasons. Another 25 percent delayed their child’s vaccinations, citing safety concerns.

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