Murnaghan Family Takes on Facebook Critics After Lung Transplant


But the page stayed put, and traffic to it increased, the administrator said. The administrator began to get messages thanking the page for presenting a different point of view of the Murnaghans’ story and saying that they, too, disagreed with the way in which Sarah got her new lungs.

“Based on their actions with me, I believe the Murnaghans are not nice people, bent on fame and want to squash anyone who has a different opinion or perspective of what they did with the lawsuit,” the administrator wrote on her page. “Now everyone here gets to see what the Murnaghan family is really like. Not so much the ‘inspiring’ family who championed a great cause. More like thugs hellbent on getting their way.”

Deleting the Page – Temporarily

Then, on March 4, the “Discussing Lung Transplantation and Sarah Murnaghan” Facebook page was gone, and those who complained about it received notification that Facebook took it down. They then went to Facebook to announce the victory.

“I appreciate that Facebook has recognized that many of the comments on the ‘Discussing Lung Transplantation and Sarah Murnaghan’ were cruel to Sarah and violated their community standards,” Murnaghan wrote in a post after one that thanked her Facebook friends for reporting the page.

But the page was back up before noon that same day because Facebook realized it removed the page by mistake, a Facebook spokesperson told

“The conversations that happen on Facebook –- and all the opinions expressed here -– mirror the diversity of the more than 1.2 billion people using our service,” a Facebook spokesperson told, declining to go into specifics about the “Discussing Lung Transplantation and Sarah Murnaghan” page. “We encourage people to come to Facebook to challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices.”

Janet Murnaghan’s followers were outraged, and again wrote that they would try to have the page removed, but she told them not to bother.

“Friends, I have had a good night sleep, and I have a request of all of you! I do not want to discuss that hateful page and their cruelty to Sarah here on Sarah's page anymore,” she wrote on her page, adding that giving them attention gives them a voice. “If you want to comment on this post to agree with me just say something nice about about [sic] Sarah.”

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