After a Rare Bone Cancer Diagnosis, Doctors Reattach Boy's Leg Back to Front


'I Don't Care If People Stare'

According to the American Cancer Society, there are about 900 new cases of osteosarcoma in the United States each year.

Osteosarcoma has a five-year survival rate of 50 or 60 percent, Mayerson said. There is a 10 to 15 percent chance that the osteosarcoma could come back, and, even though the leg is gone, there is about a 50 percent chance that the cancer could recur in the lungs.

Dugan missed almost his entire fifth grade year because of surgeries and treatments. Today, he is in seventh grade, and he has been cleared at every one of his follow-up visits. The teenager is focused on school and sports, and has no intentions of letting a twisted leg get him down.

"People used to stare and it kinda bothered me," said Dugan. "But now I'll just wear shorts like nothing is even there. I don't care if people stare."

And his long-term goals?

"I want to be the first player in the major leagues to have a prosthetic leg," said Dugan. "I'd play for the Cleveland Indians."

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