Parents Relieved After Twins' Separation Surgery


During the twins' surgery the couple, who also have two older sons, waited for approximately nine hours in a private room with family members.

Throughout the day the couple was updated on the twins' progress. Just before 4 pm they were told that the infants had been successfully separated and were doing well.

"At this point, the room exploded into clapping and cheers, hugging and celebration," wrote Jenni Ezell. "My babies were two, and I rejoiced with streaming tears of joy and amazement!"

Court Rules to Separate Conjoined Twins

Schwendeman said the Ezell twins would need future surgeries to fix the sites of their IV lines and to add abdominal muscle.

The immediate next step will involve weaning the infants off the ventilators and allowing them to start normal feedings.

But Dave Ezell said he and his wife are starting to worry about extra car seats and cribs instead of just medical complications.

"[We're] getting ready to bring them home," said Dave Ezell. "We're definitely happy about those problems."

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