Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Accused of Killing Babies With Scissors, Charged With 8 Murders


The clinic was shut down and Gosnell's medical license was suspended after the raid.

Some of his employees also were charged with murder, including a high-school student who performed anesthesia with potentially lethal narcotics. The grand jury report asserted the people who ran this medical practice did not include any nurses and or other doctors besides Gosnell himself.

Gosnell's clinic was a prescription mill by day, Williams said, and by night was an abortion mill.

Gosnell didn't see "patients" or show up at the office during the day, he added, but left behind blank, pre-signed prescription pads and had his unauthorized workers administer drugs to induce labor and sedate patients.

Gosnell allegedly prepared a list of preset dosage levels to be administered in his absence. But no allowances were made for individual patient variations or for any monitoring of vital signs.

Gosnell has been named in at least 10 malpractice suits, including one over the death of a woman who died of sepsis and a perforated uterus. In that case, a civil suit against Gosnell was settled for almost $1 million.

Gosnell also is the target of a federal grand jury investigation into illegally prescribing prescription drugs.

Investigators say during a search of his home, they found $240,000 in cash.

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