Photography Project Gives Voice to Transgender Community

She said that were she to dress as a woman in Jamaica, she would be mobbed and probably killed. And though life in the United States has not been easy -- she is homeless and lives in an emergency shelter -- Morrison said the last few months have been the best of her life.

"Bob Marley said 'Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,'" she said. "In America, I have the chance to be free."

Morrison is starting hormone therapy soon and posed for the photographs so she will be able to compare her pre- and post-hormone selves.

Thames will also soon undergo further change. She is heading to Florida next week for breast augmentation.

Rosenstein said she hoped that their photographs and stories would inspire others in the transgender community. She wants to take her "Transformational Project" to other major U.S. cities, especially in the Midwest, and abroad, such as the United Kingdom and Iran where the transgender community is completely underground.

After Morrison had her portraits taken, she was full of hope that her own transformation in a new, accepting city would one day be complete.

"I'm looking forward to getting the chance to live life the way I was meant to live," said Morrison. "Be confident in body, mentally and spiritually, with everything in sync."

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