How Moms Can Sleep in on Weekends, Guilt-Free


"We're expected to be able to whip up our kids' Halloween costumes, blend their meals, make sure they're involved in four extracurricular activities and have great sex with our husbands," laughs Connors, who also writes her own blog, Her Bad Mother. "That ideal is just that, it's an ideal, there is no such thing." She says books like Kilmartin's "keep reminding us" of that.

The book has spawned a wave of stories on its website. One mom admitted, "I told my son, when he was 3 or 4, that when he hears the ice cream truck playing music, it means he has NO ice cream. He believed it until his older brother told him it wasn't true."

Another wrote, "I always made sure my son understood that if we were low on milk, Mommy's coffee came first."

They're the kind of stories that warm Laurie Kilmartin's heart. She says she hopes harried moms can laugh right along with her. Luckily for those moms, the book features very short chapters. Kilmartin advises, "You can read them in the bathroom while you're hiding from your children."

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