Don't Sing the Blues -- or Drink -- Alone

"The question is, who grows out of it and who doesn't?" said Meyer. "The ones who grow out of it may be more social users, and the ones who don't may be [the solitary users]."

Meyer added that even parents of young children should talk with them about the dangers of drug abuse. Studies show that most adult alcoholics took their first drink between ages 8 and 12.

"Parents need to talk to their kids when they are still kids and say, 'Listen, if you're ever going to experiment, don't do it alone. You need to make sure that other people are around to make sure nothing bad will happen to you,'" said Meyer.

Leader said parents must "take this kind of use seriously, try and find out what is going on." She added that a teen who uses alone may need "some sort of counseling."

Alex, once a solitary user of drugs that ranged from alcohol to heroin, got the help she needed. She has now been sober for five years and is currently an outreach worker at Teen Line in Los Angeles, helping teens avoid the substance abuse problems she once had.

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