Bush Wants Easier Access to Affordable Health Care

President Bush will announce in his 2007 State of the Union address new proposals to make basic, private health insurance more affordable to more Americans.

The facts below come directly from the official White House Web site.

Making Health Care More Affordable

President Bush believes all Americans should have access to affordable, high-quality health care, says a government press release. Rising health-care costs impose a burden on families and small businesses and put coverage out of the reach of many Americans. Many businesses -- particularly small firms -- are struggling with these rising costs.

   The President has proposed a comprehensive, consumer-driven plan to address the problems of rising health-care costs and uninsurance. His plan includes Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Association Health Plans (AHPs) for small businesses, civic groups, and community organizations, tax credits for low-income families, medical liability reform, and a goal of electronic health records for most Americans within 10 years.

   The President's plan will help reduce the rising cost of health care while improving quality and safety. It will provide new and affordable health coverage options for all Americans -- targeted to those who need it most: low-income children and families and employees of small businesses and the self-employed.

For more information from the White House about The State of the Union Address, check out: http://www.whitehouse.gov

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