Valentine's Day Is Viagra Day in the U.K.

Indeed, Valentine's Day is National Impotence Day in the United Kingdom. If that isn't sufficient information to kill your sense of romance for good, you should know that it has been so for 11 years. Although not many people are aware of it, the awareness campaign is nonetheless supported by the National Health Care System, which takes that time of the year to urge the one in 10 men suffering from impotence to take action by consulting a doctor.

Heart-shaped chocolate boxes, bouquet of roses, and a thousand Hershey kisses are all good, the Sexual Dysfunction Association, which runs the campaign, seems to say, but for many in need of Viagra, the subjects of romance and erectile dysfunction are one and the same.

So they decided to celebrate Valentine's Day appropriately. One of their strongest supporters, the British Formula One racing legend Sir Stirling Moss, offered advice on ways to "reclaim the romance in your life" on a relationship counseling Web site. The association also mailed Valentine's cards with the following poem to each member of Britain's Parliament to drive their point home.

"Roses are Red

Romance is free,

Make it the same

For men with E.D."

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