Seasonal Depression Gets Boost From Congress

"It doesn't matter whether it's sunlight or artificial light," Blazer said, recommending those who suspect they suffer from the disorder buy a lamp for the specific purpose of infusing more light into their home.

"There are relatively inexpensive light boxes that can be bought that provide the intensity necessary," Blazer said, "and you don't have to be looking directly into it. You just put it beside you. For example, when you get up in the morning and sit at the kitchen table to read the paper, have this box next to you -- your eyes pick up the light there. That, we think, may be a corrective to this seasonal problem."

And with four added weeks of daylight-saving time figured into the coming year, the time to go out and buy that lamp may have finally come.

Shine a light on your problems, the doctor said. Just don't expect the insurance company to offer a co-pay on your next power bill.

Caroline Berler contributed to this report

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