Doctors Brave Icy Roads to Save Preemie's Life

"It's pretty amazing that the oxygen levels were adequate, and that's because of the community hospital's effort," Acarregui said.

When Dorotea finally arrived in Iowa City, the hospital staff at the University of Iowa neonatal unit weighed the baby, checked vital signs and took a blood sample.

They found that she weighed a mere 995 grams, or 2 pounds. The average full-term baby weighs around 7 pounds at birth.

Given her tiny size and the enormous odds stacked against her, Acarregui said that it will be important for doctors to watch her in the next few days and weeks.

Acarregui and Dagle still refuse to be identified as heroes, even though it is clear that, without their efforts, Dorotea would not be alive today.

When asked what convinced him to drive out to Mount Pleasant, Acarregui said, "It's compelling for me, because it's about helping the baby and helping the community hospital. It's hard to convey the stress level at a hospital when dealing with an unusually sick patient. It was a team effort.

"It wouldn't have mattered if the weather was 10 times as bad. We probably would have given it a shot. We're not heroes. We're just taking care of our little patients," Acarregui said.

Dagle said he could not recall the last time he experienced a situation like this.

It is certainly unforgettable for the Orgovanyi family as well — the baby's name Dorotea means "a gift from God."

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