Can DNA Tests Help Find True Love?

"We simply don't know enough yet," said Evans. "Even though there is a very slim theoretical basis for the argument that those who are most distantly related have a greater chance of producing a healthy child, we know little about it and there are so many other factors that contribute to whether an individual is happy or healthy."

The research hinges its services on are weak, several doctors told ABC News, and are not generally regarded as being sufficient evidence to prove that DNA testing could ever result in better relationships.

"It's pretty questionable turf and the evidence and the literature on the topic are thin at best," said Dr. Michael Watson, the executive director of the American College of Medical Genetics. "[] offers some scientific literature that goes back as far as the mid-1970s that is credible science, but making the leap to improve love life and capability is extremely tenuous."

Docs: Don't Waste Your Money

Despite Holzle's claims that will revolutionize the world of online dating, genetic experts said that matching singles according to their genetics may only be a creative way to earn money, and not a significant medical discovery.

"[] isn't breaking ground, it's found an interesting way to make money," said Watson. "I don't think it has enough credibility at this stage for the consumer to waste their money on it unless they have too much money."

So the handful of members who have joined the site since its inception just a few days ago may be out of luck – or at least a chunk of cash.

"People are wasting their time and their money if they're hoping they'll find their soul mate from DNA analysis," said Evans. "We simply don't yet know enough about DNA or about what makes people happy."

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