Funny or Informative? Mom Video Blogs Sex Education

While some, such as Kuriansky, are turned off by Hasler's lack of experience, others said her style was a great way to get through to hard-to-reach and know-it-all teens.

"[Hasler] has a very nonacademic approach, but if her goal is to educate teenagers in a way they will find relevant, I think she'll be more successful than the traditional stuff out there," said David Greenfield, the director of the Center for Internet Behavior and an expert on sexual behavior.

"Most of the sex education that's out there is horrible because it's boring," said Greenfield. "The humor in this will get people to watch it, not take away from the seriousness. Kids don't think sex is serious to begin with anyway."

Barbara Dehn, a nurse practitioner and women's health expert at Stanford University, told that she appreciates the humor of Hasler's videos but also questions some of the factual accuracy.

"Some of the information is misleading, but in some ways there are going to be teens who are going to relate to the language and scenes in the videos," said Dehn. "The key is that this is something parents can use as a springboard for more conversation."

Teens, Moms React to Teen Sex Show

The reaction of mothers and teens after watching the sex show varied from shock and disgust to laughter and appreciation. One 18-year-old boy told that while he didn't learn from the video, he thought it was really funny.

But Alison Rhodes, a child safety expert and TV's Safety Mom, said that her jaw dropped after watching the videos.

"They are trivializing the issues," said Rhodes. "I wouldn't want my daughter learning about sex by watching these podcasts."

But Joanne Bamberger, who blogs about parenting on her D.C. Metro Mom's Blog, disagreed with Rhodes, saying the videos were "refreshing" and "honest."

"The show is a good way to present teenagers with information about their bodies that they might not listen to from their own parents or a high school health teacher," said Bamberger. "I sure would have appreciated a show like this when I was a teen."

Mike Dehn, an 18-year-old from Annapolis, Md., was reluctant to say he learned anything from watching the sex shows but did say that he found them informative.

"It had a lot of information, but the way it was presented I wasn't sure it was supposed to be serious," said Dehn. "I can see how someone could learn something from it and think it was funny at the same time."

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