XXXchurch Founder: Porn Is 'Fantasy, Not Reality'

"By a show of hands," asked Jeremy, "who's ever seen porn responsibly with a significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, that's ever seen porn recreationally?" Many hands flew into the air.

People Can See Porn Responsibly

"I'm not saying there's not a problem," continued Jeremy, "but you don't blame an entire industry on a few people that have problems. These are all very brilliant students. So people can see porn responsibly."

Jeremy also took exception to Gross' argument regarding the harsh, fetishlike content in some pornographic movies. "He's talking about a very small section of the adult industry, and it exits. And for those kind of kinky fantasies, fine, but it's not the majority."

"And by the way, as far as children seeing porn, we're not trying to do that," he continued. "We have tons and tons of spy wares."

"This is called the exterminator porn alert released," he added, holding up a magazine ad. "They have this one here called the guardian office porn detector. So you can avoid your kids from seeing porn. It's not that tough."

'We're Intelligent Human Beings, We're Not Animals'

Pauling, the former porn producer, was next. "Like Craig, even though I'm a Christian, I believe very firmly in freedom of speech," he said. "But just because we can do something, doesn't mean we should. You know, we're intelligent human beings, we're not animals. And when what we're doing is costing someone else and causing pain to someone else, we probably shouldn't be doing it."

Pauling's argument was based on true-life stories of women who had their personal lives damaged because of porn.

"I've had girls model for me in college," he said. "I wasn't dealing with broken people, I was dealing with educated students. And they would come in, they would think porn is harmless because they've bought into the lie that our society has shown them. They'd model for us, spend the money on rent, [but] then that content remains until they're a grandma."

He then read a letter he received from one of his former soft-core models, who was haunted by her past career when she tried to get married. "How long do these pictures circulate?" Pauling read. "I want them off the Internet. I'll pay you money, whatever it takes. This will and is ruining my life."

Alexander: 'I Have No Sympathy for Any of These Girls'

Soon after the letter was read, it was Alexander's turn to speak. "Oh geez, where do I begin after all that," she pondered.

Alexander has a considerable number of credits to her name: "Barely Legal 19," "Dirty Girls," "I Swear, I'm 18" and many that cannot mentioned in this article.

"When I got into this industry, I was 19 years old," she said. "I've been around for almost seven years, and when I first got in, all I did was girl-girl stuff and soft-core stuff and all of that because I wasn't ready to do boy-girl. And then I took a chance to get to know the industry, get to know the people, get to know what's right and wrong. And then I was lucky enough to get the contract with Vivid."

Alexander said porn actresses without contracts make more money because they get to work 10 times more. "And that's why those girls are in the corner crying, throwing up and doing those things because [they're] working themselves to the bone. Those girls are choosing to do dirty things because they want the money."

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