Crazy Celebrity Health Remedies

Michael Flatley has not been lording it over the dance floor for the last several years because of a "mystery virus" that forced him to cancel his "Celtic Tiger" show in 2006. But the Celtic dancer and choreographer seemed to find a cure in the Plexus system, a treatment that utilizes so-called bio-energy, the "web that unites all reality," and works by "rebalancing the life force energy within and around the body," according to the Plexus Bio-Energy Web site.

Flatley told the Irish Independent newspaper that Michael O'Doherty, one of the founders of the Plexus system, treated him and that he is "close to 100 percent fit again."

Christy Turlington


For those in the public eye, life balance can tip decidedly toward excess. Many celebrities, such as Madonna, Goldie Hawn and Cherie Blair, turn to alternative Eastern medicines such as ayurveda to find balance. Supermodel Christy Turlington is one of the most staunch and vocal practitioners of ayurveda, a system of traditional medicine that originated in India.

"Through my practice of yoga I was drawn to ayurveda, a sister philosophy, and also to things that are generally better for me," Turlington said in an interview with Psychology Today magazine. "Ayurveda is a very complex science that is 5,000 years old. We all have all three doshas and all five elements of nature in each of us in varying degrees, which makes each of us an individual."

The balance between these five natural elements and three doshas, or bodily substances, is important for health and happiness, its promoters say. Ayurveda also places importance on exercise, yoga and meditation.

Turlington is also one of the creators of the ayurvedic skin-care company Sundari, which is Sanskrit for "beautiful woman."

Uma Thurman

Gem Therapy

With a name derived from Buddhist mythology, Uma Thurman should have no trouble with serenity, but the Oscar-nominated actress uses a few other tricks to keep herself centered.

Thurman is one of several Hollywood heavyweights to ascribe to gem therapy. Believers say that certain gems radiate specific energies that can affect mood and well-being. Thurman wears a carnelian necklace for vitality and happiness, according to a 2004 article in Redbook magazine.

Efforts to get in touch with Paltrow's publicist were not successful, but gem therapy has a healthy following outside of the Hollywood elite. Other gems often used include amethyst for wisdom and roselle for de-stressing.

Nick Nolte


Actor Nick Nolte is known for taking chances, and when it comes to his health, he is no different. Nolte, who, in an interview with Larry King on CNN, spoke about different ways to slow the aging process and stay healthy for as long as possible, said he tried a controversial treatment involving trioxygen (O3) or ozone, the name for three oxygen molecules bonded together.

Ozone is found in the upper atmosphere where it filters damaging ultraviolet rays from sunlight before it reaches Earth. Doctors have experimented with a variety of uses for ozone since it was discovered by a homeopathic doctor in 1856. Ozone is injected into the body in controlled amounts, not inhaled.

"It's a treatment that -- that oxidizes the brain," Nolte said in the interview. "And maybe -- certainly on the brain scan, you can see that the -- the brain is more metabolized."

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