Top 9 Gym Pet Peeves



Think twice before you offer unsolicited advice. Not everyone appreciates it.

Ashley Nesby, an administrative coordinator, put it best: "I don't like when men think it is part of their civic, intrinsic duty to help us less fortunate, weaker and hopeless women with our weights, form or our well-thought-out routines in the gym. It's almost as if their goal, besides haphazardly leaving monstrous weights strewn about the gym, is to teach us pretty little ladies how things should be done."

Nesby said she makes it perfectly clear to anyone who attempts to force their opinion about her workout upon her that she will in no way tolerate it.

Unfit Fashion

More people than you realize are offended when you show up for a workout wearing jeans, especially if they're super short cutoffs that display your naughty bits every time you bend over to stretch your hamstrings. But wearing shades and a Bluetooth headset -- that's the worst offense of all.

"Alone, each is something that should never be worn while exercising indoors," said an irate Ronnie Manning, a public relations manager. "But the combination of the two is terrible, just terrible."

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