Twin Tots' Playful Babble Sets Internet Abuzz

PHOTO A video of the eighteen-month-old fraternal twin boys babbling in the kitchen has set the internet abuzz with millions wondering what the diaper-clad tots are talking about.

Darling twins Sam and Ren McEntee have found fame on the Internet, although they're still in diapers.

A video of the 18-month-old fraternal twin boys babbling in the kitchen has set the Internet abuzz with millions of people wondering what the diaper-clad tots are talking about.

The boys appear to be having a grown-up conversation complete with questions, answers, facial expressions and gestures -- even the odd laugh -- all while standing next to their refrigerator. One of the boys is missing a sock.

"That seems to be the prevailing thought, that it's about the missing sock," the twins' mother, Abby McEntee of Brooklyn, N.Y., said today on "Good Morning America."

"It's a mystery. ... They've been talking just little babble for a number of months now. Usually it's near the end of the day when they start these conversations with one another."

The twin-talk video, posted by dad Randy McEntee one month ago, now has more than 5 million views on YouTube.

"A couple of days ago, [the video] was at 2,000 hits because we just showed it to our friends and family," Randy McEntee said. "It's been a crazy couple of days."

New-found Web stars Sam and Ren talked up a storm while playing with George Stephanopoulos' cell phone on "GMA" today.

"We try not to let them play with our phones because they call people," Randy McEntee said.

McEntee said he and his wife spotted their twins' first funny back-and-forth in the summer and recorded it. The boys were playing on a bean bag together and doing what looked like a simultaneous headstand (or at least attempting one).

Abby McEntee said the boys play together all the time and have always been in tune with each other.

"They do finger to finger sometimes," Randy McEntee said, describing how his sons touch each other's finger tips, almost like E.T.

Although the twins have their own "secret" language, their parents said they have cracked the code to a certain extent. Randy McEntee said the boys use the same gibberish again and again for airplane, juice, mug and more.

Viral Video Shows Twin Tots on the Cusp of Language

The boys aren't speaking English but are "right on the cusp of language," according to Stephen Camarata, professor of hearing and speech Sciences at Vanderbilt Kennedy Center in Nashville Tenn.

Instead of producing words, the boys are making different sounds in the tone and rhythm of speech.

"They're using the intonation patterns of sentences -- imitating sentences in a crude way," Camarata said. "It's one way that children learn how to talk."

"Even before they have words, they know how conversation works," said Dr. Roberta Golinkoff, education professor and director of the infant language project at the University of Delaware in Newark.

"They're producing syllables emphatically and using them for communication purposes," she said. "They're having a ball."

Eventually, Sam and Ren will start replacing bits of babble with English. But for now, the boys are content with their improvised idioms.

"They're laughing and grinning and imitating," Camarata said. "With twins you've got two kids at exactly the same developmental level going back and forth and having a blast."

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