Parents Give Birth to Ebony and Ivory Twins


Pregnant with their first child, she and her African-American husband were even denied seating in a small-town Florida diner.

Marquis and Suzy Richardson of Gainesville, Fla., are shown here with their children (from left) Christian, Rock, Naomi and Eli.

Richardson said she started her blog after learning in 2009 about a Louisiana judge who refused to sign a marriage license for a biracial couple because he was concerned, "they might one day have these mixed-race kids that would not be accepted by either side and tend not to be happy."

So angry, she solicited stories from other biracial families and sent a Christmas card to the judge with photos of their "happy" children. The blog was born and soon, she intends to provide news pertinent to biracial families.

"I realized there was a need for them to connect and unite," said Richardson.

Now, she tells her own children that they are neither black, nor white, they are both.

"We still get looks, but I don't mind the questions at all," she said. "Grownups have a need to categorize, but not children."

Still, during the 2008 election, when Americans proclaimed Barack Obama the first black president, Richardson's children were confused.

"They struggled with that," she said. "They said, 'But Mom, I thought he was biracial like us.' The world thinks you have to choose one side, who you are. We call him a biracial president and tell them you have two sides, Mommy and Daddy. They don't have to choose."

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