Philadelphia Nurse Charged With Assisting Dad's Suicide

Barbara Mancini is alleged to have given her 93-year-old father a lethal dose of morphine.
1:48 | 08/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Philadelphia Nurse Charged With Assisting Dad's Suicide
Barbara -- -- and her attorney stayed quiet as she left court in -- they'll. But it compassion in choices -- -- -- groups spoke out on her behalf. They want the assisted suicide case dropped. -- judge ruled there is enough evidence to send her to trial ever Mancini is the hero in this she is not the villain. Mancini who was also a nurse is charged with causing her eating suicide for the February death of her father Joseph your -- At her preliminary hearing gerchas nurse testified that 93 year old Joseph your -- had diabetes hypertension and kidney failure. He received hospice care at his home in pots they'll. His nurse testified that -- Mancini. Ask the doctor for more morphine a week before his death she said the doctor prescribed to lower -- -- in your Shaw's daughter requested. According to court papers Mancini told police that her father asked for all his morphine so he could commit suicide and she gave it to him. Robert Mancini attorneys tried to argue that it was your -- right to take as much making cynics who need it. To ease the pain. But in nurse testified that that's not -- it right and that patients must follow doctor's orders. One nurse testified that she heard your -- tried to commit suicide with morphine once before. But on the stand a police captain said he was told your shop open up the bottle of morphine himself. But never tried to drink -- all dying patients have a federal constitutional. Right to as much pain medication as they need. Even if taking that medication would advance the time of death. Mancini is out on 100000 dollars bail a trial date has not been sacked -- Greenberg news march 16 Schuylkill County.

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{"id":19850343,"title":"Philadelphia Nurse Charged With Assisting Dad's Suicide","duration":"1:48","description":"Barbara Mancini is alleged to have given her 93-year-old father a lethal dose of morphine.","url":"/Health/video/philadelphia-nurse-charged-assisting-dads-suicide-19850343","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}