Exclusive: Report Charges Broad White House Efforts to Stifle Climate Research


Exclusive: Report Charges Broad White House Efforts to Stifle Climate Research

Bush administration officials throughout the government have engaged in White House-directed efforts to stifle, delay or dampen the release of climate change research that casts the White House or its policies in a bad light, says a new report that purports to be the most comprehensive assessment to date of the subject. (ABC News)

Ordinary Customers Flagged as Terrorists

Private businesses such as rental and mortgage companies and car dealers are checking the names of customers against a list of suspected terrorists and drug traffickers made publicly available by the Treasury Department, sometimes denying services to ordinary people whose names are similar to those on the list. (Washington Post)

U.S. Can't Account for 600,000 Fugitives

Teams assigned to make sure foreigners ordered out of the United States actually leave are grappling with a backlog of more than 600,000 cases and can't accurately account for the fugitives' whereabouts, the government reported Monday. (AP)

Complaints Over Debt Collectors Break Record

Allegations of abusive practices by the private debt collection industry drove complaints to the Federal Trade Commission to record highs last year, a new report reveals. (ABC News)

White House Aides Tried to Hide E-mails, Lawmaker Charges

White House staff are using non-governmental e-mail addresses to avoid leaving a paper trail of their communications, a senior congressman charged Monday. (ABC News)


Chilean Diplomat Found Dead In Syrian Capital, Victim Of 'Criminal Act'

Chile's consul in the Syrian capital of Damascus was found dead at his home on Monday, the victim "of a criminal act," the Foreign Ministry said. (AP)


Australian Pleads Guilty at Guantanamo

Australian David Hicks, the first prisoner to face a new U.S. war crimes tribunal, unexpectedly pleaded guilty on Monday to a charge of helping al Qaeda fight American troops and their allies during the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan. (Reuters)

US Moves Kenya Terror Suspect At Guantanamo

Kenya has handed over an al Qaeda suspect accused in two terror attacks in East Africa to US authorities who have moved him into the Guantanamo Bay military prison, officials said yesterday. (Reuters)


Two Blasts Target Iraqi Tribal Leader, Son Killed

Four people, including the son of an anti-al Qaeda tribal leader, were killed in an insurgent attack on the chief's home on Tuesday just west of Baghdad, a provincial official and relatives said. (Reuters)

U.S. Says Caught Iraq Car Bombers Blamed For 900 Dead

U.S. forces captured two leaders of a major car bomb cell responsible for attacks that killed around 900 Iraqis, mostly in the Shi'ite district of Sadr City in Baghdad, the U.S. military said on Tuesday. (Reuters)

Insurgents Report a Split with Al Qaeda in Iraq

Insurgent leaders and Sunni Arab politicians say divisions between insurgent groups and Al Qaeda in Iraq have widened and have led to combat in some areas of the country, a schism that U.S. officials hope to exploit. (LA Times)

Anti-Qaeda Tribes Targeted In Iraq Attack
s Suspected al Qaeda militants in Iraq killed 21 people on Tuesday in bomb attacks targeting Sunni Arab tribes who have formed an alliance against the hardline Islamist group, officials said. (Reuters)


U.S. Long Worried That Iran Supplied Arms in Iraq

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