OxyContin: The Giuliani Connection

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates yesterday told Congress that al Qaeda will establish a stronghold in Iraq's Anbar province if U.S. troops pull out prematurely and that the group is reacting to the war debate in Washington by stepping up attacks. (The Washington Times)

Iraq and Turkey: Rituals of Signs and Transformations

By Mshari Al-Zaydi

Iraq is seeking a national secular solution to save the country from complete disaster, while in Turkey, the army wields its stick at Islamists who threaten the principles of the Atatürk's state—a paradox that calls for contemplation. (Alsharq Alawsat)

Silence on Guns

The tragedy of our runaway gun culture can only deepen now that it's clear the new Democratic Congress operates in fear of the gun lobby's well-practiced demagoguery and rich campaign treasury. A collective silence descended on the Capitol after the pro forma expressions of outrage over the Virginia Tech gun massacre. (NY Times)

Liberal Arab Authors Criticize Support for Terrorism in Arab and Muslim Society

Three liberal Arab authors recently criticized the support for terrorism that exists in Arab societies. In an article on the liberal Arab website Elaph, Iraqi author Riyadh 'Abd asked why it is that Cho Seung-Hui's family apologized for their son's actions while the families of jihadi suicide bombers are proud of their children. Another article, also prompted by the massacre at Virginia Tech was written by Saudi author Rim Salih, who responded to other writers claimed that there was nothing unique about Islamist terrorism. In a third article, published in the UAE daily Al-Ittihad, Kuwaiti columnist Khalil 'Ali Haydar discussed the differences between Islamist terrorism and other kinds of terrorism, arguing that the degree of sympathy for terrorism in the Arab and Muslim world is greater than elsewhere.The following are excerpts: (MEMRI)

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