Sunni Insurgent Groups Battle Each Other in Baghdad

Suspected insurgents sprayed gunfire into a mosque, killing seven worshippers, and a roadside bomb killed 11 paramilitary troops almost simultaneously in some of the worst recent violence in southern Thailand, the army said Friday. (AP)

Ex-China Envoy Spills HK Handover Secrets: Report

A former key Chinese envoy Zhou Nan who helped negotiate Hong Kong's return from British to Chinese rule in 1997, said Beijing once considered taking the city by non-peaceful means, a newspaper reported on Friday. (Reuters)


Four U.S. Hostages Freed in Nigeria

Four of the five Americans held hostage in Nigeria by militant groups were finally given their freedom late last night, two days after a promised release failed to materialize. (ABC News)


Flapping Their Gum: Sudan Threatens U.S. Soft Drinks

The Sudanese government's response to proposed U.S. sanctions intended to force an end to the bloodshed in Darfur was short, sweet … and fizzy. (ABC News)


Husband of Charged Academic Worries She Could Be Subject to Harsh

The Iranian authorities use interrogation techniques such as intimidation, threats and blindfolding, said the husband of a detained American academic, and he is very worried that his wife could be subjected to these tactics. (ABC News)


Indonesian Teenager Dies of Bird Flu

An Indonesian girl from Central Java has died of bird flu, a health ministry official said on Friday. (Reuters)


China Says Some Imported Baby Goods Unsafe

A quarter of imported children's milk bottles and teats failed a recent random quality test in southeast China, Xinhua news agency said on Friday, amid an overseas scare about Chinese food, drug and other products. (Reuters)

Panama 'To Blame for Fatal Syrup'

China has blamed Panamanian firms for passing off a Chinese industrial solvent for use in medicines, so causing dozens of deaths in Panama. (BBC)


The Back Door for Terrorists

By Richard A. Clarke

Amid all of the xenophobia and nativism surrounding the immigration debate, there is a real security concern. In the language of the bureaucracy, the problem is referred to as the "OTMs," or Other Than Mexicans. (International Herald Tribune)

Witness Protection

A catalog of cooperating witnesses in criminal cases is probably not what Internet pioneers had in mind when they touted the Web's potential. But like bomb-making instructional videos on jihadi sites, it is the unfortunate reality. (NY Times)

What I've Learned

By Tony Blair

Ten years ago, if you had told me I would spend a significant part of my premiership on foreign policy, I would have been surprised, a little shocked and probably, politically, somewhat alarmed. Even today, we all run for office concentrating on domestic issues. "Foreign" policy rarely wins votes, and can easily lose them. Yet nowadays the reality is increasingly that we are obliged as leaders to think, work and act internationally. (Economist)

My Run for the Fake Border

By Parque EcoAlberto

The Senate talks; I act. While they were hammering out their compromise immigration bill, I deployed on a mission to see why Mexicans are crossing our borders. To send back money? To join our culture of optimism and progress? To see TV actors express emotions in ways other than opening their eyes as wide as they'll go? (LA Times)

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