U.S. General: Kidnapped Britons Held By Group Supported by Iran


Kidnapped Britons Being Held By Group Backed By Iran - US General

Five British civilians kidnapped in Baghdad last month are being held by a group trained, funded and armed by Iran, according to the US commander in Iraq. (Guardian)


U.S. Military: 14 Troops Killed in Iraq

U.S. military announced the deaths of 14 American troops, including five killed Thursday in a single roadside bombing that also killed four Iraqis in Baghdad. (AP)

Top Iraqi Officials Growing Restless

Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi, a senior Shiite politician often mentioned as a potential prime minister, tendered his resignation last week in a move that reflects deepening frustration inside the Iraqi government with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. (Washington Post)

41 Insurgents Killed as US Presses Assault on Al-Qaeda

At least 41 insurgents have been killed in the past two days by US-led troops in an assault on Al-Qaeda networks in the restive province of Diyala, northeast of Baghdad, the military said Thursday. (AFP)

Suicide Truck Bomber Kills 18 in Iraq

A suicide bomber killed at least 18 people when he rammed a truck into a government building in northern Iraq on Thursday, partially knocking it down and demolishing nearby homes, police said. (Reuters)

Blasts Rattle Baghdad's Green Zone

A series of mortars or rockets slammed into the U.S.-controlled Green Zone on Thursday, and an official said at least one round struck a parking lot used by the Iraqi prime minister and his security detail. (AP)


New Photos Show Secret Pakistan Plutonium Plant; Fear of More Weapons Being Made

A satellite photograph obtained by ABC News reveals Pakistan is nearing completion of a third, previously unknown plutonium production reactor, suggesting Pakistan may be planning to expand its nuclear weapons arsenal. (ABC News)

The Pakistan Connection

The international media barely noticed when Pakistani authorities recently picked up three foreign jihadis, including two German passport holders, in the remote town of Taftan near the Iranian border. But the arrests are being taken seriously by Western intelligence agencies. (Newsweek)


U.S. Issues 'Intelligence Bulletin' on ABC News Taliban Video

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have issued an "intelligence bulletin" regarding the Taliban video broadcast by ABC News on Monday, the Blotter has learned. (ABC News)


Taleban 'Shifting Focus to Kabul'

The Taleban in Afghanistan are changing their tactics to mount more attacks on the capital, Kabul, a spokesman for the militant group has told the BBC. (BBC)

Mine Kills Nato Soldier In Afghanistan

A land mine explosion killed a NATO soldier and wounded four more Thursday in eastern Afghanistan, where fighting between U.S.-led troops and suspected Taliban left eight militants and a policeman dead, officials said. (AP)


Iran Dismisses Charges It Is Arming Taliban

Iran on Thursday rejected U.S. accusations it is arming the Taliban in Afghanistan, saying an attack on its consulate there showed the hostility of the Sunni militant group towards Shi'ite Iran. (Reuters)


Canada Arrests Suspected ETA Member in Quebec

Canadian police have arrested a suspected member of the Basque militant group ETA, their second such detention in a week, Spain's Interior Ministry said on Wednesday. (Reuters)


Swiss Internet Terror Trial Opens

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