Al Qaeda in Egypt Leader Calls for Attacks On Women and Children

Australian Journalists Convicted For Protecting Source

Two Australian journalists were Monday convicted and fined for refusing to name a source in a landmark case which has alarmed the country's media. (AFP)


Gunmen Target Somali MP in Assassination Attempt

Gunmen tried to kill a Somali lawmaker on Saturday night in the latest assassination attempt on a government official in the violent Horn of Africa country. (Reuters)


Baghdad's Orphanage

By Diana Mukkaled

I cannot think of anyone who did not shed a tear or stare in horror when I expressed my astonishment at the discovery of the Iraqi children with special needs who were neglected and starved. (Asharq Alawsat)

What's Behind the Arab-Israel Summit

By Scott Macleod and Sharm El Sheikh

Arab diplomatic sources tell TIME that the Arab-Israeli summit in Sharm el Sheikh on Monday is intended as a stern message to Hamas: Stop fighting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, or we'll launch a political war against you. But the sources say that the goal of the Arab regimes is to press for Hamas to join a new Palestinian unity government along with Abbas's Fatah party. Explains a senior Arab official, the decision to hold a meeting between Abbas, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Jordan's King Abdullah II and Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, "is a diplomatic warning to Hamas: If you try to strip Abbas's authority, think twice. We'll throw all our support to Abbas and work against you." (Time)

Wise Advice: Listen, and Engage

By David Ignatius

When foreign policy gurus Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft all start saying the same thing, it's time to pay attention. That happened this month in a joint appearance broadcast on " The Charlie Rose Show," and their comments ought to be required reading for presidential candidates in both parties -- not to mention the current occupant of the Oval Office. (Washington Post)

The Insider Daily Investigative Report (DIR) is a summary of major news articles and broadcasts relating to investigative news, including international terrorism and developments in Iraq. The DIR is edited daily from foreign and U.S. sources by Chris Isham and Elizabeth Sprague of the ABC News Investigative Unit. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ABCNEWS.

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