U.S. Forces Step Up Efforts Against Insurgency

French Warned To Avoid Saudi Arabia France on Monday warned its citizens to avoid travelling to Saudi Arabia after one of its nationals working for a defence company was gunned down on the weekend in what the kingdom's authorities described as a "terrorist attack". (Middle East Online)

Germany Germany Struggles to Assess True Aims of Islamic Group Very few Germans have heard of it, but there is a case slowly working its way through the administrative courts that could strongly influence Germany's strenuous and popular efforts to deal with what officials consider a threat from Islamic militants living here. (NY Times)

Afghanistan Afghans Are Fed Up With Security Firm The entrance to Khailmohmad Safi's garage is blocked by about 200 sandbags, and a few feet away, behind 8-foot-high concrete barriers, several heavily armed men talk into their radios and peer out into the street. (LA Times)

Ex-Guantánamo Inmate Who Rejoined Taliban Slain A former inmate at the U.S. prison camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, who returned to Afghanistan to rejoin the Taliban as a key commander, was killed along with two fellow fighters in a raid by Afghan security forces, two senior officials said Sunday. (AP)

Saudi Arabia Saudi Police Arrest Militant After Chase Saudi police arrested a militant after an overnight car chase and shootout in the streets of Riyadh, an Interior Ministry spokesman said Monday. (AP)

Saudi Arabia Still Battling Terrorism The murder of a French citizen in Jeddah and another shootout on Monday between suspected Islamist militants and security forces in the Saudi capital have again spotlighted the terrorism battle being waged in the kingdom, diplomats said. (Middle East Online)

Russia Russian School Seizure Draws Attention To Chechen Rebels' Links To Islamic Extremists The brutality and meticulous planning of the school hostage-taking and other recent terror attacks in Russia have focused new attention on the growing influence of Islamic extremists over Chechen rebels and raised suspicions of a global terror connection. (AP)

Russia Wants Chechens Put On UN Terror List Russia has circulated a draft resolution among Security Council members that would establish a new list of terror suspects, all of whom would be subject to extradition. (International Herald Tribune)


The Kidnap Weapon The Zarqawi terrorist network in Iraq has developed a powerful new weapon. It requires no munitions and no suicide zealots, runs no risk to terrorists of death or capture and provides cash to finance other operations. The weapon is publicized kidnapping. (NY Times)

Grisly Path to Power In Iraq's Insurgency In a video image posted on the Internet last week, a quivering, blindfolded American kneels on the floor of an empty room as five hooded men stand behind him, dressed in black. After reading a speech from a sheaf of white papers, the leader of the group pulls a long knife from his shirt and slices off the captive's head in a well-practiced manner. (Washington Post)

Powell, Then and Now Secretary of State Colin Powell, discussing the Iraq war during an appearance at The Times on Friday, did not have the crisp certitude of the general who assured us in 1991 that the first gulf war was going almost precisely as planned. (NY Times)

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