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The Republican chairman of the Senate intelligence committee said Sunday that he would propose legislation to break up the Central Intelligence Agency and divide its responsibilities among three new spy agencies. (NY Times)

Akhtar May Face More Charges

Kamran Akhtar's Charlotte attorney said he wouldn't be surprised if additional charges are filed against his client after the federal grand jury convenes today. (Charlotte Observer)

9/11 Panel Details Gaps In Visa Process

A new report from the now-defunct Sept. 11 commission details the lax controls on immigration and customs that the hijackers exploited to carry out their plot. (AP)


Weapons Cache Found

Pakistani security sources told Al Hayat newspaper that Pakistani authorities, who foiled terror attacks by arresting a number of terror suspects, also found the largest weapons cache so far, including machine guns and hand grenades. (Al Hayat)

Unearthing of Qaeda Plot A 'Big Success'

The un-earthing of an Al Qaeda-linked plot to kill high profile civil and military officials is a big achievement for the country's intelligence agencies, officials said yesterday. (Gulf Times —Qatar)


Trial of 15 Al Qaeda Suspects Ends

A Yemeni court specialized in terror cases ended the court sessions for 15 al Qaeda suspects. The sentences will be issued next Saturday. Sources who spoke to Al Hayat newspaper expected the death sentence will be given to four suspects believed involved in terrorist activities and planning. (Al Hayat)


Taylor Facilitated Al Qaeda Operatives in Sierra Leone, Says Report

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor sold conflict diamonds to known al Qaeda operatives that may have been used to finance the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States, according to a confidential report from the U.N.-backed war crimes court in Sierra Leone. (AFP)


Two Yemenis Arrested in Switzerland Linked to Al Qaeda

Two Yemeni nationals arrested this year in Switzerland are linked to key al Qaeda figures with ties to the October 2000 bombing of a U.S. destroyer off Yemen and to a suicide strike in Riyadh last year, the Swiss public prosecutor said. (AFP)


Egyptian Prisoner Asks to Go to Guantanamo

An Egyptian fundamentalist who also holds the Pakistani nationality and is being detained at a prison in Egypt asked in a letter to be sent to Guantanamo Bay where he says he will receive better treatment. Pakistan handed over Mohammed Abdel Rehim Al Sharkawy, also known as Abu Abdul Rahman the Electronic, to Egypt in 1995. In the letter, he claims he's being held without being accused and is being unfairly treated. (Asharq Al Awsat)


Military's War-Crimes Hearings Set To Begin

For more than a year, Australian David Hicks has lived in solitary confinement at Camp Echo in a cell the size of a back-yard storage shed. Guards come by every 15 minutes to check on him. (Chicago Tribune)


An Inspiring Sign of Progress Amid the Wider Gloom

Amid the many depressing events that define the Middle East these days —wars, occupations, massacres, refugee flows, beheadings, kidnappings, and more —it is worth noting the struggle of ordinary people, political activists and some sensible sectors of governing elites to create societies based on law, equity and accountability. (Daily Star —Lebanon)

Two Power Brokers Collide In Iraq

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