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Saudi militants have increased their targeting of Americans in the capital Riyadh, killing an American on Saturday and kidnapping another on Sunday. Kenneth Scroggs, an employee of Advanced Electronics Co., was gun down as he pulled into his parking garage. The militant group claiming responsibility for this death posted a video of his shooting online. Scroggs' company had close ties with Lockheed Martin, the employer of Paul M. Johnson, the abducted American. Another al Qaeda statement posted on an Islamic Web site threatened to treat Johnson as U.S. troops treated Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison.

And in Iraq, a car bomb tore through a convoy Monday in central Baghdad, killing at least 12 people, including an American and four other foreigners working to rebuild Iraq's power plants. The dead included three employees of Granite Services Inc., a Tampa, Fla.-based subsidiary of General Electric, and two security contractors, said General Electric.



Saudi Arabia

Saudi Authorities Search for U.S. Hostage With the kidnapping of an American and threats to inflict on him the same degrading punishments seen at Iraq's U.S.-run Abu Ghraib prison, suspected al Qaeda terrorists appear to have unleashed a new tactic in their violent drive against Saudi Arabia's rulers. (AP)

American Man Killed in Saudi Arabia

Suspected militants killed an American in the Saudi capital on Saturday, shooting him in the back as he parked in his home garage, and the U.S. Embassy said it was searching for an American who was missing. (AP)

Saudis Need to Do More, U.S. Declares Amid escalating attacks on Americans in Saudi Arabia, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell said Sunday that he was satisfied with the Saudi regime's efforts to combat terrorism so far, but indicated it should do more to increase its security forces and share intelligence with the U.S. (LA Times)


10 Al Qaeda Suspects Held

A nephew of alleged Sept. 11 mastermind is among those arrested in Pakistan, official says. (LA Times)

Pakistan Suspects Appear in Court

Eight people arrested in Pakistan for suspected al Qaeda links have appeared in court. (BBC)

Jordan Jordan Arrests Suspected Muslim Militants

Police raided an Amman restaurant early Monday and arrested suspected Muslim militants, witnesses and officials said. (AP)


Powell Says Terror Report "Mistake," Not Cover-Up

Secretary of State Colin Powell said yesterday that a State Department report claiming a global decline in terrorist incidents last year was a "big mistake," but he said there was no intent to "cook the books" for political purposes. (Seattle Times)


Scores of Al Qaeda Militants Killed Near Wana

Pakistani forces battled al Qaeda-linked militants yesterday in a remote tribal region bordering Afghanistan, with the military saying more than 70 combatants had been killed in five days of fighting. (Reuters)

Military Alters Afghan Prison Procedures The U.S. military is changing procedures at its jails in Afghanistan following a review prompted by prisoner abuse allegations, the military said Monday, although it declined to give details of the changes. (AP)

Ten Afghans Arrested Over Chinese Deaths

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