The Insider: Daily Terrorism Report

Yemen Receives Guantanamo Prisoner The Yemeni government received a terror suspect who had been detained by the U.S. at Guantanamo Bay, reports Al Hayat. The U.S. promised to soon send more of the 106 suspects currently being held by the U.S. (Al Hayat)


U.S. Computer Student On Trial for Aid to Muslim Web Sites Today, that graduate student, Sami Omar al-Hussayen, is on trial in a heavily guarded courtroom here, accused of plotting to aid and to maintain Islamic Web sites that promote jihad. (NY Times)


Fighting in Holy City of Najaf Kills 64 U.S. troops fought gunbattles with militiamen overnight near the southern holy Shiite city of Najaf, killing 64 gunmen and destroying an anti-aircraft system belonging to the insurgents, the U.S. military said Tuesday. (AP)

Red Cross Visits Saddam in U.S. Custody A team from the international Red Cross visited imprisoned Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein on Tuesday to check his conditions in U.S. custody, an American general said. (AP)

In the Besieged City, the Marines Look Ahead Uneasily to Joint Patrols with Iraqis As Iraqi insurgents and marines fought a pitched battle in Falluja for several hours on Monday, marine officers said they felt a sense of grim foreboding about the prospect of joint patrols with Iraqis in the city. (NY Times)

Fierce Battles in Najaf and Falluja Dim Hopes for Accord A protracted firefight between marines and insurgents in a Falluja suburb on Monday culminated in American helicopter gunships and tanks firing at a mosque and toppling its minaret, further dimming hopes for a peaceful resolution to the three-week-old siege. (NY Times)

White House Favorite is Becoming Its Headache Before the war in Iraq, Ahmad Chalabi was the Pentagon's favorite exile, the man who supported the Bush administration's claims that Saddam Hussein was sitting on a huge stockpile of unconventional weapons, and who many in the defense secretary's inner circle saw as the future leader of a free Iraq. (NY Times)

U.N. Chief in Iraq 'Navigates By Sight' At the United Nations, he is The Great Brahimi, known for his skill at conjuring solutions. (NY Times)

Ex-Baathists Offer U.S. Advice, Await Call to Arms The phone is dusty, the fan is weak, and the banished soldiers — a bit paunchier and a step slower these days - wait for a call to join the new Iraqi army. They drink strong coffee from the same cup and talk about withered pride and wonder why no one's swooning anymore over their medals and ribbons. (LA Times)

Rumors Thrive in a Nation Shaped By Myth The U.S. is struggling with an information war as well as a shooting war in Iraq. Many civilians think troops are behind insurgent violence. (LA Times)

US Tells Rebel Cleric to Remove Weapons from Shrines, Schools U.S. officials issued an ultimatum Monday ordering a militant Shiite cleric to remove weapons from mosques, shrines and schools in Najaf, and a powerful explosion in an industrial building in Baghdad killed two GIs and wounded five. In the aftermath, gleeful teenagers cavorted atop and around several abandoned U.S. Humvees. (LA Times)

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