The Insider: Daily Terrorism Report

You Cut the Head, but the Body Still Moves What impact would the capture of Ayman al-Zawahiri have on America's campaign against Al Qaeda? (NY Times)

The Secret War

On the North-West Frontier, soldiers are trying to tighten the noose around bin Laden's forces. But in Europe and America, there is no clear enemy to fight — yet every expert knows that a terrorist atrocity is coming. (The Observer)

9/11: For the Record by Condoleeza Rice The al Qaeda terrorist network posed a threat to the United States for almost a decade before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Throughout that period — during the eight years of the Clinton administration and the first eight months of the Bush administration prior to Sept. 11 — the U.S. government worked hard to counter the al Qaeda threat. (Washington Post)

Terror: Misdiagnosis Can Kill the Patient

The gruesome train bombings in Madrid and the stunning regime change which followed should be seized upon to rethink whether the "war on terrorism", as conceived and conducted since Sept. 11, 2001, is really the most effective way to deal with a problem that shows no signs of going away. (Arab News)

What Exactly Does Al Qaeda Want?

As Islamist attackers threaten further carnage in Europe, terrorism expert Jason Burke looks at what motives unite the disparate militant groups. (The Guardian)

Terrorists or Mujahideen?

Saturday was the third bloodiest day of the military operation in Wana, South Waziristan, the largest of the seven tribal areas in Pakistan. (Daily Times — Pakistan)

As Europe Hunts for Terrorists, the Hunted Press Advantages

The investigation of the Madrid bombings shows how terrorists continue to exploit advantages against the agents tracking them. (NY Times)

War on Terror is Suffering in Courtrooms

War on terror hits obstacles in court due to complexity of cases, U.S. reluctance with witnesses. (AP)

How We Got Homeland Security Wrong The fortification of Wyoming, and other strange tales from the new front line. (Time)

Know Thine Enemy

The first lesson in countering terrorists is political, not military: ensure their moderate compatriots have no reason to help them. (The Observer)

If They Capture Bin Laden or His Deputy Will Al Qaeda Fall?

The search for the mastermind of 9/11 continues, but the network he inspires has mutated into regional groups with local recruits. Al Qaeda is not so much an organization as an idea, so how can it be defeated? (The Independent)

Bin Laden, Tte Vatican, and the American Elections

It is absurd to try to give reasonable explanations to irrational criminal barbaric attacks. (Al Hayat)

Decoding the Chatter Inside the nerve center of America's counterterrorist operations. (Time)

Anniversary of Disaster

Iraq is on a knife edge. The U.S. must back down on the UN role or risk escalation of the conflict.(The Guardian)

The Insider Daily Terrorism Report (DTR) is a summary of major news articles and broadcasts relating to international terrorism and the war in Iraq. The DTR is edited from foreign and U.S. sources by Chris Isham, Hoda Osman, and Brinda Adhikari of the ABCNEWS Investigative Unit. The outside views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ABCNEWS.

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